Terms and Conditions


Ordering from us implies that these terms and conditions have been read, understood and approved. Only those who checked out and received automated order confirmation with modes of payment indicated via email shall be considered as actual orders.

  • Order status updates will be posted from time to time in our social media account
  • Standard Lead Time:
  1. International shipment (normal ETA): 4-6 weeks
  2. Preparing and packing: 1-2 weeks after items’ arrival in our PH address
  3. Local shipment: 2-14 days depending on location

Order modification (e.g., change of album version, reduction/cancellation of certain items on original order) while pre-order is on-going may be available depending on circumstances. You may message your concern directly in our social media accounts.

Refund (item price + any extra amount paid) will be given in cases where the Items suddenly became out-of-stock from the supplier and the shop wasn’t able to secure the orders. Rest assured the shop will secure items early.

Minor buyers are encouraged to make their parents/guardians aware of their transactions with us as we avoid engaging in any dispute with respect to the problem between the minor and the guardian.

For Order Cancellation, those who will fail to pay the cancellation fee shall automatically be posted as bogus buyers.

*The standard cancellation fee is PHP 300 per ITEM.

Unclaimed items will be voided and cancelled once the buyer failed to claim or confirm on our local shipment notice 30 days after the item has arrived at the shop's PH address. Any payment made by the buyer will also be automatically voided.

Full item price (item price + local shipping fees + any possible fees) must be settled within the deadline of payments (DOP). The shop encourages strict compliance with the DOP. 

  • Modes of payment on the order confirmation email are the only channels for the transfer of payment. Any payments sent wrongly other than our indicated modes of payment are waived and not valid.
  • Proof of payment must be attached to our payment form for verification purposes. A corresponding payment confirmation email will be sent 1-3 days after submitting the payment form.
  • Late payment fee (LPF) of PHP 200.00 per item per week of delay on payment shall be imposed the day after the Deadline Of Payment (DOP). An email notification will be sent once the buyer failed to pay on the due date. LPF is effective even on due dates of down payments and unpaid local shipment fees as they are considered part of the full item price.
  • DOP extension requests shall have valid reasons and bring notification to us at least one day before the indicated DOP. Requests during the day or after the DOP will no longer be acknowledged. Such valid concerns or reasons for the delayed payment must come along with proofs e.g. medical certificates, receipts of expenses or any other proof to validate the reason for paying beyond the shop's given DOP.

    Note: The grant of a request to pay beyond the given DOP still depends on the agreed discussion between the buyer and the seller.


Any delays incurred while the items are in the hands of the international and local courier are normal, should there be cases like this, an update will be posted. When items arrived at our PH address, shipment confirmation or arrival notice will be sent via email.

  • Local shipping fee rates includes:
  1. Basic rates of our default courier for regular shipment (JNT Express)
  2. Packaging fee (i.e., bubble wrap, carton support, manpower for packing)
  3. Insurance parcel protection (PHP 5 for the first PHP 500 and 1% of the declared item value for the succeeding amount)

Take note that shipping fees vary depending WEIGHT and SIZE of the parcel. The size and weight of a parcel may change after being packed for shipping.

The shop is located in Pampanga Province thus, the courier charges us their provincial shipping fee rates.

Volume Metric Calculation
If the parcel could not fit the courier’s standard pouch, the shipping fee will vary and be calculated based on its VOLUME METRIC. That is,

Volume Metric Calculation (cm) = (length x height x width) / 3,500

Parcels are prone to damage during international and local shipping. Rest assured; we follow strict protocols on packaging to secure the items from any dents. It is best for buyers to provide raw, full-length video unboxing from the original packaging of the parcel should there be any further concerns about the items once received.


All items are received sealed from the supplier unless stated unsealed. Thus, any manufacturing defect inside the item such as photocard lines, slight scratches, uneven prints, and loose photobook bind will not be considered grounds to request a return and exchange as this is beyond the control of the shop.

Before packing, photos of items ordered will be sent via email/social media account for item condition verification. This is to two-way (seller-buyer) verify if the items are correct and if the items are in good condition. Should there be any wrong/lacking items after the buyer’s verification, the shop shall not be liable for the shipping fee that may be incurred for shipping the correct/remaining items ordered.

In case of wrong or incomplete items shipped, only those who can present an unedited full length unboxing video will be entitled for a return and exchange assistance on their orders.

The outer case of the items is for protecting goods. Small scratches on the outbox can't be the reason for return and exchange. The shop has the right to reject the video if found lacking. Photos are insufficient and will not be accepted as proof. Unsealed or used item/s will not be eligible for return and exchange.